Do I Go Towards…Or, Toward?

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Towards or Toward. Which one is a writer supposed to use? Do you know?

Figuring out which toward/towards to use is frustrating, especially because both are considered correct.

But, thankfully, there is a preferred version to use.

Do you know which one it is?

If you said toward, you are correct! But, if your answer was instead towards…you are correct too. Congratulations!

How can both be right? Well, let me explain…

Toward is the preferred version in the United States and Canada (aka American English). And, towards is commonly used in the other English-speaking countries (aka British English).

For example:

  • If I go to toward the train. I’m from North America!
  • And, if I go towards the tube. I’m either from the United Kingdom or Australia!

Hope that helps!…But, just remember: if you get the two confused, you are not the first (or the last). You are in good company.

Keep on Writing!