Who Am I?

black typewriter machine typing on white printer paper
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

I have been writing my whole life, but I only started writing about a year and a half ago (can it really be that long?!)

Even more of a shocker, I wrote my first draft of my current WIP about eight years ago. Of course, the first draft was not good—it was a mess. But, the main character kept popping up in my mind. She wanted her story told, and right this time.

So, I complied. I applied and got into a year-long novel program—and I started the novel writing journey. In one word, it was tough. But, it was also the biggest growing experience for myself and my writing. I worked alongside successful published authors and soaked in their feedback. I restarted my novel (twice) and I changed the main plot (more than I can count). I workshopped my pages and experienced the heart wrenching feeling of having (gulp) critiques. I learned how important feedback and workshopping is to a writer, and I—grew. My novel grew as well (in word count and construction) and my characters grew (ha!) on me even more.

I am just an aspiring author that is struggling through her first adventure into the writing and publishing world. I don’t know much, but I am more than happy to share everything I know.   

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